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At Searls Land we’re always thinking about the pitfalls and opportunities in land sourcing and negotiations – so you don’t have to. Our highly skilled and experienced team have worked in this sector for many years. We’re passionate about ensuring the best outcome for all our clients and this is reflected in our strong track record.

Mr Colin Shopland and Mr Frank Wilde
Mr Colin Shopland and Mr Frank Wilde
Trustees of Leatherhead Social Club, Leatherhead, Surrey

" From beginning to end of a sometimes problematic marketing and sale process we found Tim and Dan to be professional, diligent, polite and flexible. As trustees of the club, we have no hesitation in recommending their services. "

An independent, family business, respected by housebuilder and landowners alike

Industry expert Tim Searl established Searls Land in 2010 with a vision to create a land agency that was respected by housebuilders and landowners alike for its integrity and honest values.

Inspired by their father’s success Tim’s two sons Charlie and Edward have gone on to pursue a career as land managers themselves, joining Searls Land’s growing team of highly respected land experts.  While many land agents come and go, we are proud to have such a long-standing team, which we believe is testimony to the values that underpin our approach. Together we have evolved our business, with every member of the team helping to shape our brand as we move forward.

More than 98.7% of our contracted agreements complete – because we know who, how and when to place your proposition in front of the people who will offer best value – and be in a position to see it through.  

Let our portfolio do the decision-making for you

Let’s cut to the chase. We know what matters. Negotiating the appropriate terms for your best interests – whether you’re a land owner or a housebuilder. Our significant portfolio demonstrates the breadth of land profiles we’ve worked with and the challenges we’ve overcome to achieve successful outcomes for our clients and give you the reassurance you deserve.

Housebuilders and land promoters turn to Searls for land acquisition

Personal service with a professional approach

Searls Land offers a tailored service, geared to private landowners, regional and national house builders, land promoters and affordable housing providers. Our clients and their agents are always welcomed personally by our specialist land team who expertly guide them through the process of sales and acquisitions.

Ready to get the best value for your land?

  • 1 Schedule a call - Arrange to speak to one of our land agents on a day and time to suit you.
  • 2 Visit your land - As a viable opportunity, we’ll visit your land and carry out an initial appraisal to understand and explain what potential your land has, listen to your expectations and learn what’s important to you when it comes to the sale of your land
  • 3 Identify a buyer - We’ll reach out to suitable potential buyers within our network and present you with viable offers that we are confident can be delivered within an agreed timeframe.
  • 4 Sell your land - Sell your land with confidence, having peace of mind that you’ve secured the best agreement available, with expert assistance to guide you every step of the way.
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Worried about selling your land for less than it’s really worth?


Land sales can be tense - when the buyer and seller want the opposite to each other. At Searls Land, our land experts are skilled negotiators who take that tension out of selling your land. We market effectively and negotiate with transparency, to demonstrate value and secure the best outcome for all stakeholders.

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Your Questions Answered.

What are the signs that I need a land agent? 

If you find yourself lacking the confidence and experience needed to instigate a successful land transaction, a land agent becomes invaluable. The expertise of an experienced land agent like Searls Land will be helpful in guiding you through the legal intricacies, market conditions, identification of a viable buyer and negotiations, ensuring a smooth and successful sale or acquisition. If you’re looking to maximise the market value of your land, a land agent can assess its potential, identify development opportunities and negotiate terms that favour your needs.  

How do I know if my land is valuable? 

Determining the value of your land involves a comprehensive expert evaluation, starting with a thorough analysis of the land’s location and necessary access points. In addition, an understanding of the Local planning authorities (LPA) plan-making status is vital. Other aspects that will be carefully assessed are the site’s proximity to amenities, infrastructure, and surrounding land that has either been recently developed, has had an application for development submitted, or is allocated for development by the LPA. Searls Land will assess the land’s development potential, accounting for zoning regulations and local demands for specific projects. Staying informed about current market trends is integral to our approach, ensuring that we factor in both present and future demand for land & new homes in the areas we operate in. 

Why do some land sales fail?

There are many reasons why agreed land transactions fall by the wayside. The most common reasons are among the following.

1. Planning permission is refused at local level and at appeal which can, depending upon the reasons for refusal, cause the buying party to focus on other projects.

2. Initial due diligence conducted by the buying party identifies a legal or physical aspect of the land that renders it unviable for development or reduces its value to a level below existing value.

3. A notable change in market conditions can result in a re negotiation of an agreement, being unacceptable to one party.

4. A breakdown in the relationship & trust between buyer and seller.

Challenges faced during a sale process are, unfortunately, inevitable. How these challenges are navigated and resolved requires a specific skill set, and this is where our experience in all aspects and nuances of selling land, provides more certainty of a positive outcome. 

What makes Searls Land different from other land agents? 

The identification, sale, and acquisition of land with planning permission for residential development, or with potential for medium / long term future residential development, (strategic land) is our core business thus making us specialists in our field. It is this that sets us apart from other companies like high street estate agencies who purport to offer land sale / acquisition services but do so only to generate opportunities to sell new homes. 

Searls Land has the specialist credentials necessary to navigate the land market with confidence and competence, providing successful outcomes for all stakeholders.

What areas and locations does Searls Land cover?

Our operational area extends across the South of England rising to the fringes of the Midlands. 

With a comprehensive understanding of regional planning authorities, their plan-making statuses and unmet housing needs, we identify opportunities tailored to the specific needs and goals of our clients. Whether you are interested in buying or selling land, Searls Land’s services are supported by strong knowledge of the areas we work in. 

Can Searls Land help with both selling and buying land? 

Our experienced team is well-equipped to assist landowners looking to sell as well as housebuilders and land promoters seeking new opportunities for acquisition. Whether you are entering the market as a seller or a buyer, Searls Land offers tailored guidance to meet your specific needs and goals.

Can Searls Land assist with land for affordable housing?

At Searls Land, we’ve had years of expertise handling affordable housing land deals for our clients and can guide both landowners and developers through the local council requirements and how to work with them to make the most out of development opportunities and ensure they are still economically viable. Our team is well-versed in the regulations and considerations unique to affordable housing, ensuring compliance and facilitating mutually beneficial agreements that align with the goals of both parties involved.

We primarily work with developers on land with planning permission. Our main goal is to maximise the return and the affordable housing element of any scheme we work on. The more money we can achieve on this element the more the land is worth. More often than not this work is carried out pre-sale but in certain cases we are brought in by clients to improve their affordable housing return after they have already bought a site.  

How does Searls Land evaluate the potential of a piece of land? 

The Searls Land approach takes into account a large range of vital factors to understand the true value of a section of land, including the location’s proximity to amenities, infrastructure and development opportunity hotspots. We’re always on the lookout for land ripe for development, or event with unknown potential, connecting our network of developers to land that suits their upcoming projects. Our team assesses the land’s development potential, taking into account local regulations and the current market demand for specific developments. At Searls Land, we constantly have our finger on the pulse of trends in the land market, ensuring we always factor in both current and anticipated future demand – sometimes several years ahead - to maximise the overall potential and value of the land.

What is the process for selling land with Searls Land? 

To get a comprehensive and reliable assessment of your land, our team needs to carry out an initial site visit to appraise the land and the surrounding area. Our experts assess the physical attributes, zoning regulations and potential for development during this visit. Following the appraisal, we provide you with detailed insights into the development potential of your land. At Searls Land, we pride ourselves on consistently providing accurate assessments of the land we sell. You can rest assured knowing the information from our site visit will be put to work finding you the best possible offers for your land.

How do I know which land agent to choose? 

Choosing the right land agent is a crucial decision. Searls Land has stood out for years as a trusted land agent, thanks in no small part to our long-standing team, commitment to honest land deals and a near-perfect success rate for completing contracted agreements. Our personalised service, extensive portfolio and transparent negotiation approach all contribute to our reputation as a reliable partner for landowners, housebuilders and promoters. 

How do you identify potential land buyers and sellers?

At Searls Land, we employ a proactive approach when it comes to finding potential buyers and sellers of land. Leveraging our vast network and industry expertise, we reach out to suitable parties within our network and beyond. We proactively engage with landowners, stakeholders, and third-party contributors to the residential development sector, developing strong relationships that enable us to tailor our services to the needs of our clients. 

Our relationships and specialist expertise allows us to connect landowners with reputable buyers who can deliver on the terms of their offer to buy.