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Our groundbreaking collaboration with Stubbings Property Marketing provides developers with market-leading expertise – from acquisition to delivery

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Your success shouldn’t have to rely on finding multiple partners with the expertise you need

For developers, the new homes market is one big ‘to-do’ list. Find land opportunities, project manage developments, keep schemes on track, devise a sales and marketing plan – it’s a heavy workload, usually involving many partners. And that often means many headaches too as you juggle different ways of working – and often differing opinions on the best way forward.

Wouldn’t it be good to only have to deal with one partner, someone with the nose-to-tail industry expertise to drive your project to a successful conclusion smoothly? Searls Land and Stubbings Property Marketing have partnered to provide just that, a service-rich package of assistance from land sourcing to marketing your new homes built on it.

A one-stop solution

Our collaboration with Stubbings means clients get access to a wider range of services all in one place. No integration challenges or waiting around for one company to do its bit before another can do theirs.

Save time and money

A comprehensive suite of services under one roof means clients save money as they’re not shopping around for multiple partners. And streamlined processes mean decision-making is greatly speeded up.

Twice the expertise

With decades of experience across both firms, our collaboration with Stubbings means clients get one-stop access to a wealth of field expertise. You’ll have all the answers you need to keep your project moving.

Our complete suite of services includes:

  • Introductions to land opportunities
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Project management
  • Sales and marketing support
  • Advice on mix, pricing and specification
  • Development of brand identity

Access our complete package of services or hand-pick the elements that meet your individual requirements.

Nigel and Jennifer Patty
Nigel and Jennifer Patty

“We would like to thank the team at Searls Land, in particular Sam Dutton and Dan Acutt who oversaw our project from start to finish, providing a professional, transparent and personal service throughout. We always believed our land had some development potential but it wasn’t until Sam approached us, advised us on the most appropriate agreement to pursue and then helped us to secure the right promotion partner, that things really starting happening. Two years later we had a planning consent and once again, guided by the Searls Land team we were able to secure a sale to a housebuilder at a price we never would have even dreamed of when we first started all of this. We have since recommended Searls Land to a number of our friends and contacts in the farming community and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone else!”

Stubbings Property Marketing

Stubbings Property Marketing is an award-winning multi-service sales and marketing consultancy dedicated to the new homes market. Working across the south of England, it was established in 2009 by founding director Helen Todd with the dual aims of bridging the gap between new homes and land estate agency and giving housebuilders access to their own in-house sales and marketing department.

More than 98.7% of our contracted agreements complete – because we know who, how and when to place your proposition in front of the people who will offer best value – and be in a position to see it through.  

Straight-talking land agents you can rely on.

No false promises. No unnecessary delays.

Searls Land has been established as an independent land agent since 2010, with a combined industry experience of 100+ years across our team. Our specialist land experts are highly skilled in land sales and acquisition a comprehensive network of trusted housebuilders and promoters that can be relied upon to deliver what is agreed.

Housebuilders and land promoters turn to Searls for land acquisition

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Ready to make the most of a one-stop development expertise shop?

  • 1 Schedule a call - Arrange to speak to one of our land agents on a day and time to suit you.
  • 2 Tell us what stage you’re at - We’ll listen to your needs, discuss where you are in the development process and draw up a plan of action to implement your next steps.
  • 3 Let us do the hard work - Choose your development opportunity, watch your project reach completion or take your new homes to market, all with expert assistance to guide you every step of the way.

A partnership that gives developers everything they need

Searls Land will introduce you to suitable land opportunities, helping to feed your development pipeline. Stubbings Property Marketing will help you progress your new scheme, ensuring it delivers maximum return. That’s a lot of expertise in one place. Schedule a call today and see how this unique collaboration could take away your development headaches.

Your Questions Answered.

How can you help keep my development projects on track?

We provide strategic guidance from the very beginning, helping you steer clear of unnecessary setbacks, secure suitable land and develop a tailored project plan. Our expertise in land acquisition, coupled with Stubbings’ New Homes marketing prowess, ensures a cohesive strategy from concept to completion, keeping delays to a minimum and optimising your project timelines.

How can you help me find suitable land for development?

Searls Land specialises in land acquisition, leveraging our vast network and industry knowledge to pinpoint opportunities aligned with your project goals. When we spot land ripe for development, our team approaches landowners in a variety of ways, including polite door-knocking and bespoke letters to landowners about the potential their land has if they sell. Stubbings Property Marketing enhances this process by assessing the market demand, ensuring the selected land aligns with the right local market. Together, we streamline the search, evaluate potential sites and guide you toward the most advantageous opportunities for your development plan.

What is the benefit of your partnership approach?

The partnership approach between Searls Land and Stubbings Property Marketing offers a holistic solution to the acquisition/sale of land through to the sale of new homes. Searls Land’s expertise in identifying and securing land complements Stubbings’ consultancy and New Homes marketing services, creating a synergy that spans from initial acquisition to the successful branding and promotion of your development projects. This integrated approach ensures a streamlined and effective process, producing the best possible outcomes for developers seeking a comprehensive solution.

What experience and expertise can you support me with?

Our partnership brings together a wealth of experience and expertise. With an extensive background in land acquisition, development and promotion, we offer a well-rounded support system for buyers and sellers alike. Whether you are experiencing difficulties getting planning permission, landowner negotiations or New Homes marketing, we offer tailored support to meet your needs whenever you need it. Our teamwork ensures you always benefit from our extensive skillset, providing solutions at every stage of the process.

How do you tailor your services to meet individual project requirements?

From the beginning, we make it a priority to work closely with you to understand the unique aspects of each project. This includes your specific goals, target audience and preferences for working with us. After all, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to land and New Homes.

How do you ensure client satisfaction throughout the process?

Client satisfaction is paramount to both Searls Land and to Stubbings Property Marketing. From the initial stages of land acquisition to the branding and marketing of your new housing development, we maintain open communication, provide consistent updates and actively involve you in decision-making. Our commitment to a transparent and client-focused business approach ensures your expectations are not only always met, but exceeded throughout the entire time we work with you.

How can I be sure your services will add value to my development project?

The integration of our land acquisition/sale and development marketing brings an immense amount of value to the table. Searls Land’s proficiency in identifying lucrative land opportunities, combined with Stubbings Property Marketing’s ability to craft compelling brand identities, ensures a one-stop comprehensive service. Our track record of successful land deals and satisfied clients serves as a testament to the tangible value we consistently deliver to development projects.