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Helping landowners understand the true potential of their land and identifying trusted buyers who can unlock it for them

Understand what’s possible

Set the terms that work for you

Have confidence you’ll complete

You shouldn’t have to risk your life savings to find out whether your land is worth selling

When land sits outside of settlement boundaries, understanding development potential isn’t so straightforward. Physical attributes of your site and the condition of the sub structure, could render your land unsuitable for certain projects or significantly increase build costs. Here’s the hitch, getting clarity on your land’s true value takes time and specialist expertise that inevitably comes, frustratingly, at a cost that many landowners don’t have at their disposal. That’s where we come in.

Get an initial appraisal

Our experienced land agents will carry out an initial site visit to determine planning potential and identify what further investigations might be required for you to get the clarity you need.

financial risk

We’ll source potential buyers who are willing to cover the considerable up-front costs of investigations and surveys required - so the financial burden is never resting on your shoulders.

Maximise your return

We only select buyers and promoters with a strong track record of gaining planning consent so you can unlock capital early with a signing fee and be confident you’ll enjoy a great return.

Nigel and Jennifer Patty
Nigel and Jennifer Patty

“The team at Searls Land, in particular Sam Dutton and Dan Acutt, provided a professional, transparent and personal service throughout. We always believed our land had some development potential but it wasn’t until Sam approached us, advised us on the most appropriate agreement to pursue and then helped us to secure the right promotion partner, that things really started happening. Two years later we had a planning consent and once again, guided by the Searls Land team we were able to secure a sale to a housebuilder at a price we never would have even dreamed of when we first started all of this. We have since recommended Searls Land to a number of our friends and contacts in the farming community and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone else!” 

We’re here to help you avoid the pitfalls


The planning landscape is constantly evolving. When land has unknown potential, the possibility of gaining consent can take significantly longer and require expert insight to achieve. As a landowner you could be faced with multiple offers, citing varying terms, spanning different time periods. And when you’ve no crystal ball or expertise in this field, it can feel like you’re making a critical decision about your future in the dark.


At Searls Land we help landowners understand all the options – and any risks you might be exposed to. We’ll connect you with reliable buyers who understand your land and how to maximise value for you - so you know the offers on the table are viable and realistic, enabling you to make a decision with confidence. Our land agents will help you:

Where possible, secure an attractive signing fee to release capital to you early

Agree a satisfactory delivery schedule to help you plan ahead

Deliver multiple propositions for you to consider

Ensure the terms of the sale that matter most to you are included

Where terms are agreed, more than 98% of our sales and acquisitions complete – because we know who, how and when to place your proposition in front of the people who will offer best value – and be in a position to see it through.  

Straight-talking independent land agents you can rely on.

No false promises. No unnecessary delays.

Searls Land has been established as an independent land agent since 2010, with a combined industry experience of 100+ years across our team. Our specialist land experts are highly skilled in land acquisition and land sales and have built strong relationships with a comprehensive network of trusted buyers covering all aspects of residential and mixed-use development – all of who can be relied upon to deliver what is agreed.

Housebuilders and land promoters turn to Searls for land acquisition

As an independent and specialist land agency, Searls Land is a dedicated land source agent in the residential and mixed-use land market.  Need land? Our team can identify projects and land with potential for all types of development.

Ready to get the best value for your land?

  • 1 Schedule a call - Arrange to speak to one of our land agents on a day and time to suit you.
  • 2 Visit your land - As a viable opportunity, we’ll visit your land and carry out an initial appraisal to understand and explain what potential your land has, listen to your expectations and learn what’s important to you when it comes to the sale of your land
  • 3 Identify a buyer - We’ll reach out to suitable potential buyers within our network and present you with viable offers that we are confident can be delivered within an agreed timeframe.
  • 4 Sell your land - Sell your land with confidence, having peace of mind that you’ve secured the best agreement available, with expert assistance to guide you every step of the way.

Our track record speaks for itself

Here are just a few examples of the agreements we’ve successfully negotiated on sites with unknown permission, ensuring optimum outcomes for our clients.

Land with
planning consent

We identify buyers who will respect what matters most to you and be capable of completing the sale as agreed. We draw on our vast network of housebuilders and promoters to match your priorities with theirs in order to negotiate optimum terms for you.

Land with clear
planning potential

We manage the optimisation and sale of land sitting within the settlement boundary that offers potential for all types of development including urban extension, brownfield redevelopment, garden assembly, town/city infill sites, air space opportunities and building conversions.

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Worried about selling your land for less than it’s really worth?


Land sales can be tense - when the buyer and seller want the opposite to each other. At Searls Land, our land experts are skilled negotiators who take that tension out of selling your land. We market effectively and negotiate with transparency, to demonstrate value and secure the best outcome for all stakeholders.

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