Searls Land teams up with Stubbings Property Marketing

In the new homes market, property developers lean heavily on their partners – and that can be a situation fraught with difficulties.

For a start, the workload is immense. Finding land opportunities, project managing developments, keeping schemes on track and devising sales and marketing plans are specialist areas with their success often dependent on the prowess of separate specialist teams.

But different teams can also mean differing opinions on the best way forward. Before you know it you’re devoting more attention and time to managing relationships than driving your project to a successful conclusion.

Comprehensive list of services for property developers

It’s for precisely this reason that Searls Land has teamed up with Stubbings Property Marketing for a ground-breaking partnership which will provide developers with access to a full suite of services they might need in their property development journey, tailored specifically for the new homes market.

Our services include:

  • Introductions to land opportunities
  • Development pipeline building
  • Project management
  • Sales and marketing support
  • Advice on mix, pricing and specification
  • Development of brand identity

Developers can take their pick from these elements to ease workloads and bring in specialists at specific parts of the project or make full use of the complete suite of services offered by this partnership.

All the expertise you need – in one place

Searls Land will introduce you to suitable land opportunities and help to keep your pipeline flowing. Our experienced and trusted land managers will seek out and identify potential new sites which meet your specific criteria, saving you time and hassle in the process.

Stubbings can then advise on property mix (the types of properties that present the best sales opportunities in that location), pricing expectations, and project specifications. Stubbings will also help you create a brand identity and bespoke marketing strategy for your development. From brochures and collateral to managing your signage and portals, booking advertising and creating content, you will have an extensive range of services at your disposal.

Why is this collaboration better for our clients?

  1. You get access to the widest possible range of services all in one place.
  2. You eliminate integration challenges – no more waiting for one company to do their bit before another can do theirs.
  3. You save money by not involving a variety of different partners.
  4. You save time by streamlining processes along the way.
  5. You benefit from combined decades of industry expertise. Between us, there’s not much we haven’t dealt with!

Tim Searl, Managing Partner at Searls Land, said: "This strategic partnership with Stubbings will enable both organisations to deliver unparalleled value to our stakeholders, while upholding the standards of excellence that define us. We are excited to be joining forces and look forward to forging a new path together that will amplify the impact we can have on successful outcomes for our clients.”

Helen Todd, Founding Director of Stubbings Property Marketing, said: “Our new partnership with Searls Land will enable us to enhance our existing client offering, introducing clients to more land opportunities, and at the same time provide Searls' clients with access to a host of additional services.

“We believe that our market offerings perfectly complement one another, while our shared values of honesty and transparency along with our commitment to deliver value and exceptional customer service sit in perfect unison. We are very much looking forward to this new collaboration and what it will bring.”

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