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Have planning consent? The hard work’s not over yet…

Obtaining planning consent can often be the toughest part of land sales. So no one wants to risk that time and effort only to be let down at the last minute. You deserve the best price, but finding a dependable buyer that’s ready to buy, and able to offer market value can be tricky without insider expertise. You could miss out on maximising the value of your land or accept a deal that’s doomed from the start. That’s where Searls Land can help.

Get expert market insight

We stay up to date with the changing needs of market buyers – that way we can ensure your site is pitched where it is most likely to get the best return for you.

Expand your buyer network

We have robust and lasting relationships with buyers across the south so you’ll never be restricted by local marketing that could limit the offers open to you.

Secure the terms that matter

What you want matters -  that’s why we agree a full marketing strategy with you and outline ideal terms to secure an agreement you can be 100% happy with

Mr Colin Shopland and Mr Frank Wilde
Mr Colin Shopland and Mr Frank Wilde
Trustees of Leatherhead Social Club, Leatherhead, Surrey

" From beginning to end of a sometimes problematic marketing and sale process we found Tim and Dan to be professional, diligent, polite and flexible. As trustees of the club, we have no hesitation in recommending their services. "

The right sale is not always about the highest price


Land sales are complicated - even with planning permission. Buyer priorities can change from month to month so you need expert guidance to ensure your site gets noticed by the right buyers at the right time. At Searls Land we will negotiate the optimum terms for your specific needs – which isn’t always about price. For some landowners the speed of sale or the legacy they leave behind is just as important too. That’s why we identify buyers who will respect what matters to you and be capable of completing the sale to your agreed schedule.

Where terms are agreed, more than 98% of our sales and acquisitions complete – because we know who, how and when to place your proposition in front of the people who will offer best value – and be in a position to see it through.  

Straight-talking land agents you can rely on.

No false promises. No unnecessary delays.

Searls Land has been established as an independent land agent since 2010, with a combined industry experience of 100+ years across our team. Our specialist land experts are highly skilled in land acquisition and land sales and have built strong relationships with a comprehensive network of trusted buyers covering all aspects of residential and mixed-use development – all of who can be relied upon to deliver what is agreed.

Housebuilders and land promoters turn to Searls for land acquisition

As an independent and specialist land agency, Searls Land is a dedicated land source agent in the residential and mixed-use land market.  Need land? Our team can identify projects and land with potential for all types of development.

Ready to get the best value for your land?

  • 1 Schedule a call - Arrange to speak to one of our land agents on a day and time to suit you.
  • 2 Visit your land - As a viable opportunity, we’ll visit your land and carry out an initial appraisal to understand and explain what potential your land has, listen to your expectations and learn what’s important to you when it comes to the sale of your land
  • 3 Identify a buyer - We’ll reach out to suitable potential buyers within our network and present you with viable offers that we are confident can be delivered within an agreed timeframe.
  • 4 Sell your land - Sell your land with confidence, having peace of mind that you’ve secured the best agreement available, with expert assistance to guide you every step of the way.

Our track record speaks for itself

Here are just a few examples of the agreements we’ve successfully negotiated on sites with planning permission, ensuring optimum outcomes for our clients.

Still need to acquire planning permission?
We can help. Our team works with land owners at all stages of the sale:

Land with clear
planning potential

We manage the optimisation and sale of land sitting within the settlement boundary that offers potential for all types of development including urban extension, brownfield redevelopment, garden assembly, town/city infill sites, air space opportunities and building conversions.

Land with
unknown potential

Our strategic land experts manage more complex longer-term land sale opportunities, where an investment may be initially required to investigate and establish the land’s physical and planning suitability, before your site can be marketed.

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Worried about selling your land for less than it’s really worth?


Land sales can be tense - when the buyer and seller want the opposite to each other. At Searls Land, our land experts are skilled negotiators who take that tension out of selling your land. We market effectively and negotiate with transparency, to demonstrate value and secure the best outcome for all stakeholders.

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Your Questions Answered.

How does planning consent affect the value of my land?

Planning consent acts as a green light for development, making your land significantly more valuable. House builders often prioritise land with confirmed permissions and the Searls Land team is always here to help you understand how this impacts your land’s market value.

Why do I need a land agent to sell my land?

Engaging a land agent like Searls Land is crucial for a successful land sale. We act as an intermediary between buyer and seller, who, understandably, want different outcomes. We bring industry expertise, a wide network of potential buyers and negotiation skills to the table. Our role is to manage the transient relationship of the buyer and seller, streamline the selling process, secure the best terms and navigate potential challenges, ensuring a smooth and profitable sale for every deal we put together.

What are the risks of selling land without professional help?

Going it alone can be risky. Selling land without professionals like Searls Land exposes you to undervaluation, legal pitfalls and tricky negotiations. We mitigate these risks with expertise, ensuring compliance, maximising your price and securing a smooth, successful sale. Shielding our clients from common costly mistakes is what has helped foster Searls Land’s reputation for being a land agent you can really trust.

How long does it typically take to sell land with agreed planning consent?

The timeline for selling land with agreed planning consent varies based on market conditions and the specifics of your land. We expedite the process as much as possible by leveraging our network to identify viable buyers who can realistically accommodate your desired timeline. We can support you from the start of our partnership, aiming for a timely sale that aligns with your expectations.

What documents do I need to sell my land?

Land sales require a significant amount of preparation to carry out. From title deeds to land surveys, Searls Land helps you gather the necessary documents for a streamlined and hassle-free sale. Let us handle the details, so you can focus on a rewarding outcome from the sale of your land.

What terms should I consider in a land sale agreement?

Crafting a successful land sale agreement requires experience and sector expertise. Our team of land experts at Searls Land can guide you through key terms around pricing, payment schedules, timelines and any potential contingencies. We protect your interests by negotiating favourable terms and ensuring a clear, secure agreement for a successful sale of your land. 

How does Searls Land determine the best time to sell my land?

Market trends shift, buyer preferences evolve and economic fluctuations occur. That’s why Searls Land doesn’t rely on hunches – we employ data-driven strategies to stay up to date with market trends and conditions. Our team analyses relevant statistics, tracks comparable land sales and factors in potential economic shifts to understand when market conditions align with your land’s unique potential, therefore suggesting the time is right to sell. Whether it’s capitalising on surging demand for a specific land type or maximising value before potential market fluctuations, we help you navigate the complexities and take advantage of the right time for a truly rewarding land sale.

How do I negotiate the best terms for my land?

Selling land involves more than just finding a buyer – it’s about securing the best possible deal which isn’t always about price. At Searls Land, our experienced negotiators navigate the process with your interests at the forefront. We leverage industry knowledge and transparent communication to ensure you understand every step and every offer. From the sale price to contingencies, we advocate for your needs, ensuring you achieve the most favourable terms. Trust Searls Land to be your skilled negotiator, guiding you toward a rewarding and successful land sale. If you need any further advice or tips, we are always available to answer any questions you may have in detail.

Can Searls Land help me get the best price for my land?

We know how to attract the right buyers, leverage our negotiation expertise to secure the right terms and constantly monitor market trends to ensure a price aligned with the current value of the piece of land. Our honest approach and consistent transparent communication keep you informed throughout, empowering you to make informed decisions about the future of your land. We’ll always secure you a fair price based on the unique selling points your land has to offer to a house builder.

How does Searls Land ensure a sale completes?

Searls Land guides your sale to completion, not just the starting line. If your land has a planning permission, the experience can be much smoother as there is less that is unknown. Irrespective of the planning status, we manage the entire process, from connecting you with reliable, respected buyers to the legal finalisation of the land deal. Expect proactive communication, expert guidance and a focus on pre-empting and overcoming potential roadblocks. Our team will always work to ensure your sale reaches a smooth and timely finish, leaving you with little to worry about until the rewarding outcome.

What success stories does Searls Land have for selling land with agreed planning consent?

Searls Land boasts a rich portfolio of success stories in selling land with agreed planning consent. Our expertise in navigating complex transactions has resulted in countless satisfied clients achieving peak value. Specific examples can be shared during personalised consultations to illustrate our commitment to successful outcomes.