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Our expert land managers will take your site requirements and produce a bespoke portfolio of land opportunities

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Keeping your pipeline flowing with the sites you really want shouldn’t be a headache

For developers, sourcing the right sites can be a huge burden. You want to keep your pipeline running but making the time to identify the perfect sites for your requirements is easier said than done. And even when you’ve found a plot, the hard work has only just begun. Due diligence, the necessary investigations, approaching the landowner – it all takes time, money and a high level of prowess in the field. What if you could bundle all those burdens into one package and hand it off to an expert? Someone who takes your wish list, comes back with a bespoke list of viable opportunities and completes the preliminary legwork for you.

Unrivalled expertise

Searls’ expertise in the field of land acquisition gives you the advantage when it comes to finding sites tailored for your needs.

Full package of services

We don’t just find the right land – we do all the relevant homework on it and we’ll approach the landowners of the selected sites for you.

Ongoing support

We’ll follow up our initial approach after six months and give you exclusivity on each site approached for a period of 12 months.

Our due diligence process includes:

  • Title search
  • Planning and promotion history
  • Constraints and designations
  • Competing sites
  • Local Plan status
  • Local market housing data

Fees and Terms of Business

  • £10,000 (plus VAT) each time Searls Land carry out a targeted land search on your behalf
  • In the event that an approach leads to a successful transaction, £10,000 fee will be deducted from Searls Land standard terms of business*
  • Searls Land fee invoice to be settled prior to approach being made
  • Any sites that you decide not to proceed with, Searls land will have discretion to offer to other prospective buyers

*Searls Land standard terms of business: For a successful transaction, an introductory fee in the sum of £30,000 (plus VAT) payable in full upon exchange of contracts and a sales fee of 2% (plus VAT) of the sale price payable in full upon completion.

Searls Land is committed to providing the best possible tailored land search service but cannot guarantee the availability or suitability of the identified land parcels and cannot be held responsible for outcomes beyond our control. Land transactions are subject to various factors, including the willingness of landowners to sell and market conditions. Clients are advised to conduct their due diligence and seek legal advice before finalising any land purchase. By engaging in our tailored land search service, clients acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions.

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Targeted land search to keep your pipeline flowing

  • 1 Schedule a meeting - Arrange an introductory meeting with one of our expert land managers on a day and time that suits you. We’ll establish your site requirements and approach strategy.
  • 2 We’ll compile a list of sites - After listening to your needs, a portfolio of sites will be identified with a basic level of due diligence carried out on each.
  • 3 Pick the land that will work best for you - Choose the land opportunities you want to pursue and Searls Land will approach the landowners of the selected sites.

Searls can deliver the viable land opportunities you’ve been crying out for

Finding the right land to develop takes a lot of time and effort. Exaggerated potential, unforeseen problems and fumbled approaches to landowners can all rob you of the opportunity to keep your development pipeline hot. Schedule a meeting with Searls Land today and let us laser-focus your land search on the areas that offer the greatest potential for you.